About Us
Once upon a time, in Concord, NC a girl with a passion for creating and vision opened up a jewelry based store called Kingsfield Inn. With love and dedication this store grew and grew. With new concepts and image into the modern fairytale dream.

Growing up I was always encouraged to let my creativity show. I took several art classes ranging from drawing and painting to calligraphy. As more years passed I worked on learning graphic design and learned anything that would let my inner artist show.

Art has been passed down in many forms in my family with music and art always being a focal point of creativity. I have always felt the need to express myself in whatever way I could.

When I became a mother it was the most precious thing that ever happened in my life. With much difficulty conceiving my daughter and a very hard pregnancy that followed, I needed to take time away from college and focus on myself and my family.
I love being a stay at home mom, and In 2013 began my journey by opening up my own shop on etsy. It has been such a wonderful journey these last 3 years. I love creating new items and helping others with custom orders for their beautiful visions.

My daughter is now 6 years old, and has inherited my love for creation. She loves to watch me throughout the whole process of completing an order. From when it comes in, to its creation and communication to its final phases of shipping. This has inspired her to create her own forms of jewelry for the things that she loves.

Never give up on your love and passion, fairytales really do come true.

Meet The Team
Hello! Welcome to my page. My name is Catherine and I have been wire wrapping jewelry for several years. My inspirations come from all over but mostly my favorite things like, movies, tv series, anime and video games. Check out our etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/kingsfieldinn
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